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19 – 39 Landy Road

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19 – 39 Landy Road

Jacana Victoria 3047

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Wellbeing Team

 Assistant Principal – Inclusion & Wellbeing

Overseeing school-wide Wellbeing Initiatives and supporting students and families who requiring Tier 3 interventions including:

The AP – Inclusion & Wellbeing roles includes:

  • Leading the implementation of Disability Inclusion
  • Leading Wellbeing Team initiatives
  • Liaising with external and DE services to provide Tier 2-3 supports.
  • Facilitates Care Team Meetings to address individual student mental health and wellbeing concerns
  • Developing Student Engagement Plans, BRP/BSP etc to support student engagement.

Mental Health Practitioner (MHP)/Social Worker

The MHP is a qualified Social Worker who support students requiring Tier 3 (individualised) interventions that address mental health and wellbeing.

The MHP role includes:

  • Providing confidential counselling support for students
  • Liaising with appropriate external supports, and other early intervention support to tier 3 students
  • Developing whole school approaches to mental health and wellbeing.
  • complex case management and coordination of supports to students with complex needs supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer to manage the Tier 2 student groups.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader (MHWL)

The MHWL is a leading teacher role created to work across the school in a Tier 1 capacity to implement whole-school mental health and wellbeing approaches.

MHWL’s role includes to:

  • Implementing Personal and Social Capability Curriculum
  • Developing and implementing whole-school data aimed at school wide wellbeing needs as well.
  • Developing a more streamlined referral process for the wellbeing team.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer (MHWO)

The MHWO is a qualified Social Worker who supports students requiring more targeted support in social-emotional learning.

The MHWO’s role includes:

  • Developing evidence-based interventions, strategies and supports and facilitates group programming.
  • Supporting targeted students to develop their own mental health support plans and works with classroom staff to implement these plans.
  • Supporting classroom teams with external referrals, supporting staff with Child Protection concerns, and flag students to the Mental Health Practitioner if requiring tier 3 supports.

NDIS Navigator

The NDIS Navigator provides support to families and carers to help them to navigate and understand the NDIS, enabling them to get the most out of the supports available.

The NDIS Navigator’s role includes:

  • Providing support and advice for families, carers and students to build their capacity to understand, advocate for and access appropriate NDIS funded support services available to them. Such as promoting pathways available to families, carers and students if their NDIS plan if it is not meeting their needs.
  • Providing intensive support for families and carers of individual students in complex cases.

Supporting the collaboration between NDIS-funded services and the school by providing appropriate information, documentation and/or logistical support for approved NDIS-funded therapist on-site visits.