19 – 39 Landy Road, Jacana Victoria 3047

Jacana School for Autism

(03) 9309 6258


19 – 39 Landy Road

Jacana Victoria 3047

8:00am - 4:30pm

Monday to Friday

(03) 9309 6258


19 – 39 Landy Road

Jacana Victoria 3047

07:30 - 17:00

Monday to Friday

Vision & Values


Jacana School for Autism fosters resilience and independence, enabling students to be engaged participants in community life.



The school continually implements highly customised teaching and learning programs to ensure all students access an inclusive curriculum using evidence informed practice in a safe and supportive environment. Students are supported by a committed professional multi-disciplinary team, focused on recognising and developing individual personal and educational potential.



Empathy   Respect   Inclusion 

Jacana School for Autism actively encourages a student-centered approach by building a positive relationship between students, parents/carers and the staff.

We all have the right to be treated fairly and courteously, even under difficult situations. This includes demonstrating empathy towards one another. Everyone should feel valued and be treated with respect and has a collective responsibility to build positive relationships and promote inclusion.

Statement of values and school philosophy 2022



Jacana School for Autism believes that to succeed in the world, students need to develop the capacity to:

  • Manage themselves as individuals and in their relations to others.
  • Understand the world in which they live and act effectively in their wider community

Jacana School for Autism provides:

  • A curriculum that supports the individual needs of students, using specific teaching strategies that cater to students with Autism..
  • Individual Learning Plans to cater for specific learning needs and styles, focusing on communication, social /interpersonal skills, personal learning and academic skills.
  • A safe and secure environment that enhances students’ self-esteem and respects students’ dignity.
  • School wide implementation of the Positive Behaviour Support program.
  • Regular participation in the wider community.

Jacana School for Autism includes:

  • Individual and small group instruction.
  • Speech therapy consultation.
  • Occupational therapy consultation.
  • Psychology consultation.
  • Ongoing professional development for staff.
  • Programs that are informed by current research and evidence based practice.


The school philosophy will be enacted through the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes 2.0 (FISO)

It reflects the necessary stronger and more explicit focus on wellbeing and learning identifying them as co-drivers for school improvement. It sets out 5 core elements that together realise the goals of excellence and equity through developing the learning and wellbeing of every Victorian student.

  • Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment
  • Support and Resources
  • Engagement


When integrated, these elements build a positive environment through strong relationships that enables all students to become:

  • happy, healthy, and resilient
  • successful lifelong learners
  • active, informed members of just and sustainable communities.