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Student Support Groups (SSGs)


Reporting is the process of communicating comprehensive information about student achievement and learning at a point in time.

JSA Reports provide parents with a clear picture of their child’s progress at the end of a specified period of time that demonstrates:

  • where their child is on the learning continuum
  • how well their child is progressing towards expected levels of achievement and personalised learning goals and targets
  • where their child will need to improve and what the next steps in their learning will be.

SSG goals and PLSPs provide an important focus for reporting to parents. JSA will report what has been taught in the semester and to Personalised Learning & Support Plans (PLSP). In reporting student learning progress to parents, JSA teachers will clearly identify the areas of strength and areas for improvement for each individual student. Reporting student achievement to parents will be supported through student work samples, portfolios, parent, student and teacher conferences, and student self-assessment.


Semester 1 Reports will include the Learning Areas:

English, Maths, The Arts (Visual Arts & Music), Health, The Humanities, Technologies, and Personal & Social Capability.


Semester 2 Reports will include the Learning Areas:

English, Maths, The Arts (Drama & Dance), Physical Education, Science, Technologies, and Creative & Critical Thinking Capability.

VCAL Reporting

The VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) is made up of accredited courses/certificates. It is assessed by the student’s teacher in accordance with the assessment requirements for each part of the program.

If students successfully complete their learning program they will receive a VCAL Certificate for Foundation. They will also get a Statement of Results, listing all VCE and VCAL units successfully completed as part of their VCAL course, and a Statement of Attainment for VET or further education courses.

Each VCAL unit is equivalent to 100 hours of work. When a student completes 10 units across the 4 strands, they have then achieved a complete VCAL qualification. Some students at JSA may complete some VCAL units and a school based program, while other students may complete a whole VCAL program.

Reports for JSA VCAL students are issued to parents/carers in July and December to show student progress and achievement against the VCAL standards.   Teachers report against student’s individual VCAL learning goals.


Personalised Learning & Support Plans and Student Support Group Meetings

Each student’s current level of performance is identified and programs are implemented to address their individual learning needs. Personalised Learning and Support Plans (PLSP) are developed for each student through discussion with parents/carers, teachers, education support staff and other professionals at Student Support Group (SSG) meetings. Individual progress is formally recorded and reported upon at the SSG meetings and in written reports to parents/carers. Teachers use a variety of formal and informal measures to ensure students are meeting their individual educational goals. Student progress across the whole school is assessed formally via the on-line Abilities Based Learning Education Support (ABLES) program developed by the Department in conjunction with the University of Melbourne.

Parents/carers are invited to attend Student Support Group (SSG) Meetings in Term 1,2,3, and 4. Additional SSG meetings can be called at any time throughout the year.

2022 Student Support Group Meeting Date

Term 1 – 7th February – 24th February.   3.30 – 4.30pm
Term 2 – 16th May – 2nd June.  3.30pm – 4.30pm
Term 3 – 25th July – 11th August.  3.30 – 4.30pm
Term 4 – 21st November – 8th December.  3.30 – 4.30pm