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19 – 39 Landy Road

Jacana Victoria 3047

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19 – 39 Landy Road

Jacana Victoria 3047

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According to our Fundraising Policy, Jacana School for Autism endeavours to support parents/carers and others who wish to support the community by raising funds. The opportunity for parents/carers to participate in fundraising strengthens home/school partnerships.

Fundraising Committee

Our Fundraising committee consisting of our principal, executive assistant, facilities manager and dedicated volunteer parents/carers. They collaborate with the leadership team to formulate a fundraising event dates to align with our school calendar.

Our current Fundraising Project is for an automated Stage Curtain to be installed in our gymnasium as part of our new building development. At this stage we are well on the way of reaching our goal amount of $68,000. All funds raised from our events will contribute to reaching the required amount.


The committee follow a formula of undertaking one major and one minor fundraising event per term including:

Major Events

  • Bunning BBQ
  • Art Show
  • Student Gift Wrapping

Minor Events

  • Mother’s Day Stall
  • Hot Cross Bun Sales
  • Easter Raffle
  • Father’s Day Stall
  • Christmas Raffle

The committee also arrange one special lunch day each term for both the students and staff to enjoy.

Upcoming Meeting Dates 2024

Term 1:

Friday 9th February – 10.30am

Friday 8th March – 10:30am

Term 2:

Friday 26th April – 10.30am

Friday 31st May – 10.30am

Term 3:

Friday 2nd August – 10.30am

Friday 6th September – 10.30am

Term 4:

Friday 18th October – 10.30am

Friday 22nd November – 10.30am