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Student Transition Coordinator

The Student Transition Coordinator, Natalie Conboy will support the enrolment process.  She is available Monday to Friday and can be contacted directly:

Mobile: 0438 047 548

Email:   natalie.conboy@education.vic.gov.au


Student Enrolment

All students at JSA must be funded under the PSD category of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and eligibility must be determined prior to enrolment.  Please refer to our Enrolment Policy for further information.   In addition, students must live within the school zone (referred to as the Designated Transport Area or DTA) to be eligible for enrolment.  Please see the link below to see if your residential address lies within our DTA.

Please note that the school is at capacity and has reached its ceiling as set by the North Western Western Region.  Places in year levels other than prep for the next academic year are not available at present.  Should one become available, those already on the prospective enrolment list will be considered.  At present our prospective enrolment list has many students on it and less than a handful of positions become available each year due to student relocation or integration into mainstream settings.

DET Enrolment Form Information for PGC

JSA Enrolment Policy 2021Updated 10 NOV 2021

Designated Transport Area Map (DTA)



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Many students at Jacana School for Autism participate in dual enrolments with mainstream schools.  Please refer to our Enrolment Policy for further information.

Integration Policy 2021

School Tours:

If you would like to attend a school tour, please choose a day that suits you and call 0438 047 548 to book a place on the tour.  Please note: you MUST register to attend a school tour.

SCHOOL TOUR TIME:  9:30am sharp (please arrive at 9:15am so you have time to sign in).

Thursday 19th May

Thursday 26th May   postponed to Friday 27th May

Tuesday 14th June

Tuesday 21st June

Friday 22nd July

Tuesday 9th August

Wednesday 24th August

Wednesday 7th September

Monday 31st October

Wednesday 16th November

Monday 21st November

Requests for Interpreters to Support Enrolment

If you require an interpreter to support you during the school tours, prep orientation, meetings or to translate the policies and information on this website for the purpose of enrolment, please contact the school office via phone on 9309 6258.

State the day, time and purpose of the booking, along with the language required and the office will make a booking for you.  The interpreter will meet you at the school office at the designated time of the booking.  If you specifically require a female or male interpreter, the request can be made at the time of booking however your request is dependent on availability of interpreters at the time.