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Important events

Key Dates

2021 Term 1:
28th January to 1st April
2021 Term 2:
19th April to 25th June
2021 Term 3:
12th July to 17th September
2021 Term 4:
4th October to 17th December
All JSA students to return to school on Thursday 28th January 2021. Students commence  at 9:00am
Curriculum Days
Wednesday 27th January & Tuesday 9th March
Public Holidays
Australia Day – Tuesday 26th January
Labour Day – Monday 8th March
Good Friday – Friday 2nd April
Special Events
JACANARAMA FUN RUN –  Wednesday 31st March
Prep Information
Part Time Start date – Thursday 28th January
Full Time Start Date – Monday 22nd February.
Prep SSG’s: 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th,  15th & 16th February
SSG Weeks
Monday 1st February – Thursday 18th February
End of Term
Thursday 1st April.
Students finish at 2:00pm
All JSA Students to return to school on Monday, 19th April. Students at commence 9:00am

Curriculum Days

Wednesday 2nd June   Tuesday 15th June

Public Holidays
Queens Birthday – Monday 14th June
Special Events
House Colours Day Friday 18th June

SSG Weeks
Monday 10th May – Thursday 27th May
End of Term
Friday 25th June. Students finish at 2:00pm
All JSA Students to return to school on Monday 12th July. Students Commence at 9:00am

Public Holidays

Special Events
School Photos – Friday 16th July
Book Week – Monday 24th – Friday 28th August
Postponed due to covid restrictions
SSG Weeks
Monday 26th July – Thursday 12th August
Secondary School
End of Term
Friday 17th September Students finish at 2:00pm
All JSA Students to return to school on Monday 4th October.
Students Commence at 9:00am
Curriculum Days
Friday 10th December
Public Holidays
Cup Day – Tuesday 2nd November
Special Events  

VCAL Info night – TBC

Primary School Performance
Tuesday, 16th November
Middle School Performance
Tuesday 23rd November  1.30pm

Primary School Performance
Tuesday 30th November – 1.30pm

Year 12 Graduation
Friday 3rd December: 5.00pm
Year 6 Graduation Thursday 9th December: 1.30pm
SSG Weeks
Monday 22nd November – Thursday 9th December
End of Term
Friday 17th December Students finish at 1:00pm