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Tier Poster Stakeholder Kit – 24.09.21


Key COVID-19 information including financial  and social support, vaccinations and pregnancy and waste water, also in a range of languages

Tier Poster Stakeholder Kit – 24.09.21



As part of the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, from Monday 13 September, all Victorians aged 12 and older are eligible to book and receive a COVID-19 vaccine at a state vaccination centre, a Commonwealth vaccination centre, or through a GP clinic, pharmacy or community health service.

Vaccination bookings for students should be made by following the instructions under the heading ‘How to book an appointment’ below.  Vaccination is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect our school community from further outbreaks and the spread of COVID-19.

The Victorian Government’s aim is to provide an opportunity for all children aged 12 years and older to receive at least one vaccine dose by the end of the school year.

Final year school student vaccination blitz 

A reminder that final year students (all Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Units 3/4 students, final year Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and final year International Baccalaureate (IB) students), their teachers and exam supervisors and assessors have access to priority timeslots to attend their vaccination appointment at a state vaccination centre until Sunday 19 September.

The vaccination blitz for final year school students has been extended until Sunday 19 September, following a very strong and positive response from the community in the first week of the blitz. Please continue to encourage your eligible staff and students to take up this opportunity.

Secondary schools have received information on how eligible students and staff can access a priority booking.


Students aged 12 to 15 can book their own appointment and may be able to consent to vaccination themselves if the health professional assesses them to be a mature minor. This means that the health professional assesses that they understand the information relevant to this decision to be vaccinated and the effect of that decision. Where a student is not considered to be a mature minor by the health professional, the health professional will seek consent from the student’s parent/carer.

Parents/carers can complete a consent form for COVID-19 vaccination for their child to bring to their appointment, or parents/carers can attend with their child to provide consent in person.

How to book an appointment 

Bookings for a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine can be made for children aged 12 years and older via state vaccination centres, Commonwealth vaccination centres, GP clinics, pharmacies and community health services.

Find a participating Commonwealth vaccination centre, GP, pharmacy or community health service through the Australian Government Eligibility Checker. You can book your appointment online or by calling the vaccine provider nearest to you.

School staff and students can book or change a vaccination appointment at a state vaccination centre through the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 vaccine online booking system.

To find a state vaccination centre and opening times, visit

For information on what to bring to a vaccine appointment please visit Checklist: before your COVID-19 vaccination.


Updated information – Lockdown 6.0 

Parent Carer Letter Staggered return to school 18 OCT 2021

Introduction of Service Victoria QR Codes

The use of Service Victoria QR codes for electronic record keeping is mandatory for all workplaces to enable the effective contact tracing of any COVID-19 cases. This now includes schools.   The public health intent of including schools in the QR code check in system for workplaces is to capture those visitors accessing school buildings or indoor facilities, but not those entering the school grounds for reasons such as school pick up.


QR codes will be required to be used by:

  • all visitors, including contractors, external Department staff and building and maintenance staff
  • all parents who enter buildings when on the school site

QR code check ins will not be required for staff or students, or parents who come onto school grounds for drop off or pick up, but do not enter buildings.


Jacana School for Autism only permit parents/carers to enter buildings  through reception area.  There will be a QR Code Check in poster to access.  Please note that the QR Code Check in doesn’t replace our existing sign in and out processes. These will continue to be used to record visitor attendance, in particular the purpose of visits, for legal and regulatory obligations.


Kiosk check-in service

For visitors and parent /carers who are not able to check in with a smartphone phone or tablet, services a  Kiosk check-in service will be available at reception