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Since 2016, our Occupational Therapy team have been working together to create a way of helping our staff understand the complex area of REGULATION. Together, their amazing minds developed and refined “The SeeSaw of Regulation Framework.” We have been fortunate to share the framework with our staff during our 2016 professional practice sessions and external professionals (e.g. Occupational Therapy Special Schools Network) who have received it with great enthusiasm. We are so excited to share it with you today. So take a look at “The SeeSaw of Regulation Framework” and stay tuned for more in this space!

Seesaw of regulation framework_Page_1

Seesaw of regulation framework_Page_2

The Aspect Conference is this week, and two members of our leadership team Martina Beggs and Elizabeth Smith will be presenting on behalf of JSA.  They will be presenting on “Building a Multimodal Language Rich Environment in an Autism Specific School Setting for Students with Complex Communication Needs” They will reveal our AAC Iceberg Framework – get a sneak peak here!  Good luck ladies!

AAC Iceberg Framework.pdf 1AAC Iceberg Framework.pdf 2

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